How do I unlock my Ranger software?

Started by wcoleman, April 21, 2008, 03:37:55 PM

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When unlocking Ranger products, it is important to note the unlock requires:

  • RangerFlex be run as admin
  • the Unlocking Key must be used the same day it is issued

1. Install Ranger for your scanner, then connect and turn on the scanner.

2. Close all other check scanning applications and start Ranger Flex.  Ranger Flex is located by selecting:
     Start Menu -> Programs -> Silver Bullet Technology->Ranger-> Ranger Flex
     Run RangerFlex by right clicking the link, then selecting "Run as administrator."

3. An unlock screen will appear.


  • The Product Key is provided by the license provider.
  • The Registration Key is provided by RangerFlex.
  • The Unlocking Key is provided by the SilverBullet website.

4. In the new unlock screen type your "Product Key". This is also known as a "License Key". Please include dashes.(E.g. 1234-5678-0000-abcd-9101-xyz1-a)

5. Go to this web page: (

6. Enter the License Key in the webpage and select next.

7. Enter the Registration Key which can be found on the unlock dialog displayed after you ran Ranger Flex(Second Line).  Be careful to enter all characters correctly.

8. After entering the registration number the webpage displays an unlocking key. This key should to be entered in the unlock dialog displayed by Ranger (Third Line). This code must be entered the same date that it is issued by the web unlocking site to unlock the software.

The webpage above unlocks your software during the original installation.  If you have unlocked the software before, or if this site is not helpful, contact us.  

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